Our Mission

We help our clients develop, deliver and manage their own bespoke, focussed training programmes.  Built on the knowledge, skill and experience of your work force and supported by the TrainZmart team, you will own, deliver and manage your own training system

Craig Whitson-Fay CEO

An ex-Royal Naval Officer with 36 years’ experience in training system design, delivery and management. Throughout his Naval career he recognised that well structured focused training, delivered by talented instructors, provided the winning edge in peace and conflict.  Combining his specialist knowledge of creating complex training programmes with an MSc in Social Science, tested as a leader, proven in operational delivery, change management and an accredited project Manager, coach and mentor; TrainZmart offers training development and management services to the Public and Private sector.  



team training
Team Training

Why Choose trainZmart

  • Company owned training 
  • Improved Staff morale and retention
  • Increase productivity and output
  • Competitive edge within your sector
  • Share knowledge, skill and experience

  Invest in your team with a structured training programme to deliver the benefits of improved  morale and retention, increased productivity and output, act as a platform to share best practice and ultimately give your organisation a competitive edge.  

To reduce time and cost, TrainZmart will work with your team to develop focused training programmes built around the knowledge, skills and attitude from within your own organisation.  Personnel will receive just enough training to make them safe and competent in the work place whilst completing the remainder of the training in the work place

Green Credentials

We seek to build sustainable training systems which minimises the use of resource and reduces travel whilst enhancing the student learning experience through a focused programme and immersive, scenario based exercises.

Training that impacts

Dynamic programmes, dedicated people-focused leaders and a systematic approach to training