Training Analysis

Analysis is the first step in designing our comprehensive training system and is made up of formal training and on-the-job training

training analysis

We take a forensic look at the training requirement to ensure the student spends the minimum time in the training system but is fully prepared to safely enter the work place with the right skills to be a valued member of the team

Training analysis includes:

Breaks down the role by task into Knowledge, Skills and Attitude

Looks at the Difficulty, Importance & frequency of each task and determines how much training is required

selects the most effective and efficient  means to train a skill.  Include Student or instructor led training, computer based training, VR, video on demand, case study, scenario based exercise, presentations and group work

 Competency based assessment which considers the standard and condition the task or skills must be carried out in

Green Credentials

We support sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint

Training that impacts

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