Training Delivery

A blend of training solutions ensures the student is immersed into the learning environment and maximises the rate and depth of learning

Based around realistic scenarios the training the course is suited to all different learning types and keeps the student engaged.

Our training media combines traditional training methods such as instructor led classroom activities with the latest technologies such as Virtual Reality, Video on demand and digital learning using high resolution 4k graphics, text to speech software and 3 D modelling and animation to bring out and re-enforce key points.

The training system is controlled by a document set to ensure the training remains relevant, output standards remain constant from course to course.

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Group training

Our most basic training method where we train students in small or larger groups

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Student led training

An interactive training method where student learn the content then teach the other students

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For content heavy parts of training, our leaders will use presentations of convey information

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We put students into a simulation to test how they will react

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Video on demand

Students will watch a video training relating to what they’re learning

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Virtual Reality

With access to new technology, students can have a fully immersive experience

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Computer based training

Students will use computers to complete online activities

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Online assessment

We conduct a formal assessment to ensure student are doing well

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Instructor led training

Our leaders or experienced guest will lead the training

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Scenario based exercises

Creating a real life scenario, we prepare students for all eventualities

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An interactive online training method where students watch the training and can ask questions

Green Credentials

We support sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint

Training that impacts

Dynamic programmes, dedicated people-focused leaders and a systematic approach to aviation training