Training Management

The iSAR training management software offers a complete solution for Training Management and Learning Management.

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Overview of the management system

We educate you on how to use the management system to get the best results for your students

Hosting course material

We host some of the course material online so all you have to do is access it online if you lose the hard copy

Scheduling learning

We give you learning times which we think your student will be the most receptive to

Tracking and recording performance

You’ll be given software which allows you to accurately measure your students performance on tests and other KPIs

Course analysis

We give a summary/analysis which allows you to move along the course making sure all content is covered and training is up to standard

Dashboard and staff monitoring

You will have access to a summary dashboard which displays staff data such as attendance

Green Credentials

We support sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint

Training that impacts

Dynamic programmes, dedicated people-focused leaders and a systematic approach to aviation training